Evans Cycles Summer Campaign

A celebration of summer cycling
The Story

Evans Cycles approached Studio Kidd to help them express that in a brand campaign that built on the 2018 campaign Better by Bike.

Evans Cycles are a household brand with stores across the United Kingdom. They compete with large online retailers, local bike shops and Halfords, but what they bring to the market that is unique is a combination of the buying power to get great deals for customers with physical shops where customers can come for advice and to collect, and a passion to rival a local shop.

Studio Kidd worked closely woth the Evans Cycles team to plan and create a national campaign for advertising, digital placements and in-store displays. Our aim was to express what riding bikes was all about: fun. We combined that with a nostalgic feel of summer telling relatible stories in a witty way.


Telling the story of summer

We want to tell engaging stories that remind people of the fun of cycling in the summertime so we identified things that each story must include in order to connect in the right way.

How: warmth, nostalgia and light

How: bright colour and quirky

How: Intrinsic to story and enabling

Summer Icons

We identified some topics that people universally identify with summer:

The beach / pool
Ice cream
Family break


So we identified 4 stories that associate cycling with those topics:

Riding to the beach
Earning the treat
Adventures near and far
Learning to connect



We created visuals of what we wanted to achieve and organised a multi day multi location shoot with photographer Simon Eldon


The images we created really give that feeling of summer nostalgia and capture the fun of cycling. We added in a commuter to the mix and ended up with a really powerful, flexible brand campaign that delivers in store and online.

Ice Cream copy@2x
Learning Switch@2x
Family Cake@2x