Brighton Digital Festival 2019

An exploration of digital culture

Brighton Digital Festival


Branding, Digital, Print, Event, Campaign

The Story

A month-long exploration of digital culture

Brighton Digital Festival celebrates the richness of the creative and cultural industries in our city and explores the ways in which digital technology continues to shape our lives and our thinking.

Founded in 2011 as a way to highlight the unique synthesis of art and technology in Brighton and Hove, the festival is now in its 9th year

Event Design

Studio Kidd created designs for posters, flyers, event signage, social media imagery and animations, An on street big screen animated advert, gallery signage and conference animated stings. We created new imagery for 2019 using light bokeh effects and created a new typographic approach that ran through the event colateral.


The Messy Edge

The Messy Edge is the festival’s in house conference, its heart and its voice. It explores some of the social, cultural and political implications of technology and challenges dominant perspectives. We created a sharp ident for the conference which animates and fits with the typographic style created for the Brighton Digital Festival.